My initial concept for Kai’s character was much more arrogant and teasing, but after a couple drafts it just wasn’t working, and I realized I was trying to force him to be something that wasn’t authentic to who Kai would really be, growing up as the Crown Prince of the Eastern Commonwealth and knowing all of the problems—from the plague to the Lunars—that are facing his country and his people. So once I gave up on that initial concept of the arrogant prince and let him just be, he showed himself to be a much more honorable, loyal guy.

Marissa Meyer (x)

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I think I realized that I would rather die because I betrayed them, than live because I betrayed you.

SCARLET by Marissa Meyer

This will always be one of our favorite quotes in the Lunar Chronicles.

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I’ve noticed your blossoming relationship, and I wanted to ask you where you thought it was going.


I have watched you for a time and… perhaps I was wrong. There seems to be something special between the two of you.

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isn’t it weird that we have one hand that knows how to do everything and then one hand that just sits there like “I don’t know how to hold a pencil”

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